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I am a lot of things, wife, sister, friend, and aunt but most of all I am a grieving mother of a lost baby girl taken too soon.  This blog is my way of venting and surviving.  I'm trying to find my way back to funny, sarcastic, and happy but it's quite a journey.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My happy post

Far too often lately I have been posting about all of my sadness and doubts.  Today, I thought I would do something a little different.  I thought I would tell you a little about who I am without all of this anger, doubt, grief, and stress. 

I am Jen.  I am what you would call a true Gemini.  I am quick to change my mind and fast in movement and cannot sit still or stand still long. I hate going to the beach and laying and doing nothing.  I would rather be doing just about anything than sleeping. At night my mind wonders and I have about 100 different thoughts floating around in my head, to the point that it takes me hours to fall asleep or unwind.  My husband often jokes that I do not know the meaning of the word relax.  He’s probably right.  I don’t.   I am a do it right now kind of girl. If I want to do something, I want to do it now, not later.   If you tell me we are going to do something, then you can’t change your mind.  I have already had it set in my head. This drives my husband CRAZY.

I also believe in doing things well and doing everything in my life to the best of my ability.  Not half-assing things EVER.  I often will refuse to do something that I know I will not be good at OR I will not stop until I am good at it.  I guess you could say I am pretty stubborn.  But, it gets stuff done.    

I am dreamer and have many ambitions and am eager to learn new things all the time. My boss likes this about me.  I am usually the first person to tell him I’m bored and need to learn other things.  I may be wrong about that part about him liking that about me….It may drive him nuts too. 

My personality varies depending on my mood and I’m sure my husband often feels like I am many different people.  I change personalities and emotions very quickly. Which, you can probably see in my blog with my constant topic changes.  My best quality is that when I love someone, I love them with everything in me.  No going back, no strings.  I am loyal, caring, and trust worthy. For this reason I have had most of the same friends my entire adult life.   

I would say that for the most part my luck is non-existant but I am lucky in love and friendship.   My husband is my absolute most favorite person in the world.  He puts up with everything I listed above with nothing but love and laughter.  We joke about everything and we often make bets with each other.  We bet things like “You get to pick the next 5 movies we watch” If you are married, you know this is a GREAT thing to win.  During a bad day he makes everything better.  He knows when to hug me and when to go upstairs and leave me alone.  He is my partner in crime and my absolute best friend.  We have a circle of about 10 great friends.  We see them often and enjoy spending time with them and their families. Together Kevin and I have been very lucky in friendship and couldn’t have gotten through all of the bad without them. 

I guess that is me in a nutshell.  I actually feel some what good today.  I see a glimpse of my old self today.  Not normal, but not so far away.  Maybe I will start writing some more positive

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