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I am a lot of things, wife, sister, friend, and aunt but most of all I am a grieving mother of a lost baby girl taken too soon.  This blog is my way of venting and surviving.  I'm trying to find my way back to funny, sarcastic, and happy but it's quite a journey.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 2:20 facts about me

1. I never finished college and worked my way up into project  management for Facilities and Real Estate
2.  I've had the same friends since I was a kid which now makes them more like family
3. My sister raised me since I was 12 when mother died of cancer
4. I never wanted to get married until I met Kevin
5. I'm athiest and have been for as long as I remember
6. My current favorite TV show is the Big Bang Theroy
7. I love anything 90's.  TV shows, movies and especially music
8.  My all time favorite movie is Billy Maddison.  Fowllowed closely by untamed heart, Scream, and The Craft
9.  When I was a teenager I wanted to be a witch.  Until I realized I watched to much tv
10. When I was a kid I was a tom boy and had a purple hockey stick because my mother refused to buy me a boy one.
11. My best friend is male and has been since I was kid.  Until this day I am very picky about the women I hang out with because I get along better with men.
12.  I only knew I wanted kids after the first time I held my nephew CJ.  He is now 5.  I never felt that instinct before him. \
13. Im a shopoholic and should probably go to meetings
14. I run on the prize system.  When I believe I did something good, I buy myself a prize. SEE #13
15.Kevin and I bet eachother things like movie pics.  We bet on things like who will win the voice or chopped
16. Kevin and I say goldbugs instead of goodnight due to an autocorrect mistake when we first started dating
17. Im petrified of mice, fire, knives and also rabbits.  Everyone teases me around easter.
18. Whipped cream and marshmellow make me gag.  I cant even touch it.
19. I'm lactose intollerant
20.I had the gastric bypass surgery 10 years ago and lost 140 lbs.

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  1. I totally love Billy Madison! That and Happy Gilmore are my favorite Adam Sandler movies. I also like your prize system - I will have to try it out! - and hate mice too. So much fun to learn more about my blogging friend :)
    P.S., ready for more snow this weekend?!?! UGH!